Cat Has Terrible Table Manners, But Is Still Cute [Video]


catTable  manners are important to me — even when it comes to my cat. I don’t like my kids humming at the table, chewing with their mouth open, or talking with food in their mouth. I have been leading them to understand the proper table manners since they were very young and sometimes, I wish I could do the same for my cat Ariel. Cats have their own ideas on what is rude and what’s accepted and when it comes to eating — I think all and any noises are fair game.

I came across a video uploaded by YouTube user HarlemShaikh that shows an adorable (unnamed) cat who is enjoying a snack off a spoon. I am not sure what’ son there, but it’s quite obvious whatever it is — the cat totally digs.

Have a watch below and see this cute cat who is enjoying what they’re eating so much, they totally forget their manners:

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Photo credit: screenshot HarlemShaikh /YouTube
Source: YouTube; standard YouTube License

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