Cat Opens Five Doors To Get Outside (Video)


Cat Opens Five Doors To Get Outside (Video)Of our three cats, Baby is a roamer. I’m not sure if it’s because she was a stray and is used to the city streets because our other two cats, Cloe and Lily were also strays. Yet they are wholly content with staying indoors. They get enough satisfaction through looking out the window, playing with each other, and the dogs to keep them content. But Baby? Any chance she gets, she is gone.

She hasn’t been out in months but right now, since escaping through a hole in our backyard screen door (which Hayley recently put there!), she has embarked on a very long tour of our block. It is raining, no pouring, and she just will not come in or even get close enough for any of us to grab her.

So when I saw this video, I completely related. If Baby were forced to open doors to go outside, she would find a way to do it. This clever kitty doesn’t open one door to get out, not even two doors…. this cat opens five doors on different floors of her home just to go outside.

And when she finally gets out there, what does she do? Well, just like Baby, she just lies there and soaks up the fresh air.

See for yourself…

Image: YouTube

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