Cat Treks Six Miles in Three Days To Get Back Home

Cat Trekks Six Miles in Three Days To Get Back Home via Babble
Barbara and her cat, Wollie

80-year-old Barbara Oliphant had stray cat hanging around her house about a year ago. He was thin and hungry and eventually she took the cat in and named him Wollie.

Reluctantly, however, she gave Woolie away to a New Hampshire animal shelter after her husband George had a stroke, and she felt she was unable to care for the kitty any longer.

When George got better and required less care, Oliphant’s daughter adopted Wollie back from the shelter, but before she could pick him up, Wollie escaped through the shelter’s parking lot and took action of his own.

He was on a mission to get home.

Three days later, Barbara was looking out her window and spotted her long lost cat:

“I said, ‘That’s Wollie.’ I just knew it was him. He was so exhausted so tired, so hungry.”

It turns out Wollie knew exactly where he was going and trekked six miles in just three days to get back home.

Dr. Emily Weiss, vice president of shelter research and development for the ASPCA, said stories like these do actually happen but are very extraordinary:

“Generally speaking, cats have amazing smell and hearing, so when they’re lost they look for clues to pick up a slight scent or sound and go to what’s familiar for them. What makes this story so remarkable is that this cat was motivated to come home based on the bond that it shares with his owner. And that’s pretty amazing.”

I’ll say.

Image: Animal Rescue League of NH

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