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Fancy Meeting You Here! 13 Photos of Cats In Weird Places

By Devan McGuinness |

If you haven’t noticed already, I kind of adore cats. They are snobby, they are cuddly and they can bring a big smile to anyone’s face with their cute eyes. They are also insane… yep, the cute creatures never want us humans to figure them out so they like to keep us on their toes.

Cats like to climb when we swear there would be no way they could, they like to crawl into things we are all sure they won’t fit. But there they are … in some super high cupboard or sitting in the most random box — showing us up. They seem to know exactly what they are doing, even though we have no idea what they were thinking.

Click through to see 13 cats caught in places you would never think to find them and no idea why they thought that would be a good idea:

nggallery id=’127764′

Cats in Weird Places

Dryer Machine

I sure hope the kitty jumped out before the laundry went in.
Photo credit: hosted by Imgur

:: Where is the weirdest place you’ve found your cat? ::

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47 thoughts on “Fancy Meeting You Here! 13 Photos of Cats In Weird Places

  1. By Word of Mouth Musings says:

    My neighbors cat had a $1200 rehydration after a stint in the dryer :(

  2. amanda says:

    on top of the roof… in 5 feet of snow…. with freezing rain….. 5 degrees above freezing…. at 1 in the morning.

  3. amanda says:

    failed to mention, by the time i got to said cats, they buried themselves in the snow and took a nap.

  4. Adriana Phillips says:

    Black and White Kitty (second picture) is sitting on a house heater. I am not sure what they are called but water runs through them. I have never seen them in the states but I have seen them in Europe. The cat is probably soaking in the warmth.

    I think these are so funny. My cat has been known to put herself in weird places.

    1. Partlysbabe says:

      It’s called a radiator :-)

  5. Devan McGuinness says:

    @Adriana & PartlysBabe — Thanks! I *thought* that might have been what it was, but wasn’t sure.

    cats are weird :)

  6. Samira says:

    I had something similar to the radiator when I lived in a basement apartment here in the small town in NY where I live. I had steam heat then and they make awful noise when it gets cold then heats back up lots of pings and squeaks and stuff. I got used to it so it wasn’t so bad but for the first few weeks living there it would wake me out of a dead sleep every night especially in the winter. Steam heat heats real slow and doesn’t stay hot long if you turn it down, its cheap though and it gets real warm once its heated up proper. the kitty in the slipper is so cute and I know a cat who sleeps in the bathroom sink too. My ant used to have a dog that would take care of kittens and once we found one in his mouth on the way to the bed he usually slept in to be covered up like the rest of the kittens he had transferred there they were all safe and sound and so comfy and warm lookin I almost wanted to join them.

  7. Lora says:

    I just had to laugh at the cats in the mans pants, our cat (who is now 25lbs) still sneaks in the bathroom while my husband, well uses the facilities, and loves to climb into his pants, glad to see we are not the only ones

  8. nikki says:

    Black and White Kitty (second picture) is sitting on a house heater
    Don’t think its a heater save the photo and blow it up it looks like a folding cot that you unfold to sleep on you can see the thread and material wrapped over the top bar the white in the middle is a thin mattress that sits on the cot and the flat bar that comes across the width undet the cats are is the bracket that sits on a peg you like a latch when released allows the cot to unfold if you look at the left of the photo near the cats shoulder you will see the thred that holds the fabric that over laps the bar and repstitches to he other side of the fabric. the white looking lines on the side is the fabric color and you can seen a brown stain on it.

  9. Theresa says:

    Yes, cats are strange. My cat was little when we first opened a small suitcase….he grew, it didn’t, and he was hilarious trying to fit himself into it – he is now 18 lbs of Main Coon cat!

  10. Jessie says:

    In my dishwasher! I always make sure to double check now.

  11. joni melges says:

    On the tip ends of neighbor’s cherry tree branches; on TOP of the telephone pole’; etc.,,,, they are so curious and fun. LOVE cats!!

  12. Dennis says:

    I thought I had a hard time keeping my cat Jinx off my lap when I used the john, thankfully he’s outgrown that habit, but the guy with the 4 kittens in his pants really made me laugh. Soon as I saw it I looked at Jinx and said, “I’m glad you don’t do that.” I can’t imagine my life without my furry kids. They really do leave paw prints on our hearts.

  13. Mechi says:

    My cat once climbed a concrete pole in our backyard that resembled a small Washington Monument. And the same cat when she was older actually found a space in the baseboard under the kitchen cabinets and crawled in there. It took some can cat food and a lot of patience to get her out. And we also had to have hook & eyes on any door in the house because she could open the doors and crawl in the smallest places.

  14. Nancy says:

    When I saw the kitties in the bathroom sink, and knowing how almost all cats hate water, I could just imagine what would happen if someone turned on the faucet!! Would love to see a video of THAT!!!

  15. Claudette Brozzo says:

    I want to add my kitty to this sight..I have a great photo!

  16. lily says:

    how cute r these. cats do find wierd spots. mine goes on top of frig. mountain lion. lol

  17. Dixie Posey says:

    Love all the pics ,,just Love the places cats and kittens go…everyone calls me cat lady and i love it have loved cats all my life,,we have a big yellow cat that my husband named blondie,i had a stroke taken a bath and blondie jumped on my husbands chest,and kept screaming till he finally followed her into the bathroom and saved my life,,i had went under the water and could not get up……Cats will always be Very Very Special to me….

  18. Cindy says:

    I have pics of my cats in a watering can, an empty 12-pack Coca-Cola box, on top of my front door and other weird places. :-)

  19. Denise says:

    the cat in the plastic bag, I’m glad to know my cat is not the only one that does that, every time I bring home bags he’s right there sniffing them and getting in them even b 4 I get the contents out, cats are silly.

  20. Jim says:

    I had an incident with my female Siamese cat Named “Bella.” She had jumped into the dryer with a full load of nearly dry laundry, and I didn’t know she was in there. I shut the door and set the timer for about ten minutes and pressed the button…clunk, clunk, clunk! She only took on e spin before I knew something was really WRONG. When I opened that door, she FLEW out and kept running. She was completely unharmed, but now I shut the dryer door at all times! Poor little bugger, she didn’t know.

  21. Jim says:

    @ Denise: My male Siamese likes to sniff plastic bags, too. You can see his wet nose through the translucent plastic, and sometimes it makes him sneeze several times too…funny! I think it’s less about sniffing than it is the feel of the bag against their nose…??? Probably the same feeling we get when we press down on Memory Foam…gotta keep doin’ it, feels so good!

  22. Jennifer says:

    My last cat liked the dishwasher door when it was open. He also liked the kitchen cabinet we kept our canned goods in and another we kept our drinking glasses in. Also, he spent his first Christmas in the bottom branch support of our artificial tree! He liked to play stealth games and attack from there.

  23. Paula says:

    My cat likes to lay behind the computer screen. I guess it is warm.

  24. Chris says:

    I had a cat that liked to sleep in my daughter’s doll house
    when she was tiny and fit
    and even later when she was much bigger and didn’t fit as well

  25. KOKOOCOC says:

    I’m sorry….remind me….why does “cat’s” have an apostrophe?

    Glass Bowl
    I swear cat’s find themselves the most awkward comfortable spots.
    Photo credit: hosted by Imgur

  26. GUEST says:


  27. kittymarie says:

    When I can’t find my cat, Kalven, I remember duhhh, check the Computer Cabinet on top. And there he is like a statue behind the Pictures and he doesn’t even drop any picture frames down, lol. He is a HUGE cat. You need 2 hands n arms to carry him. I wish I could upload the Pic.

  28. Sharon Christopher says:

    I liked all the pictures especially a few like where the kitten was asleep in the slipper and the exhaust pipe,Glass.

  29. joy says:

    our Peppi cat took a 5-6 second ride in the dryer before I realized what that thumping was, she never tried it again, she is now a healthy 15 years. A previous cat, Gillie Fat Cat, would open a kitchen cupboard, enter, close it and sleep on the children’s color books stored there(no pan in there) My daughters cat fell into the furnace ductwork, it took the whole summer afternoon to disassemble the furnace housing to rescue her.

  30. sharon burnett says:

    Well, Mr./Ms. POTTYMOUTH, he probably did not give the bag to the cat to play with, the cat probably just found it. It’s still a cute picture – and who would put a cat in the dryer? Do you think that was done on purpose, too? I’m sure he got the cat out the bag ASAP, before he could suffocate.

  31. Chief says:

    I can relate to the cats in the sink. In the summer months, my kitty, Callie, loves to sleep in the bathroom sink. I think it’s because she likes the coolness of the porcelain. In the wintertime, her favorite nap place is in my yarn bag. I finally gave up and just let her have the entire bag of yarn. I could never get all the cat hair off it to knit with it anyway. I can also sympathize with those of you who have cats that love the blinds. I’ve replaced the blinds in my living room window three times now due to my cat’s constant bashing of them. Thank goodness for the thrift shop for cheap replacements. Can’t keep her out of the window. I built her a shelf specially so she could lie on the sill and get some sun. She’s strictly an indoor cat so she needs to get some sun some how.

  32. AllisaTawn says:

    Well, if your cat climbs in your husband’s pants – you can say at least say he has something in there…

  33. Gia says:

    I’ve seen cats in dryers and blinds, but some of the others were really odd lol…

  34. Linda Hilty says:

    My white cat woke me one morning, she was rolling a marble around in a blue pedistal bowl on my dresser where I tosed oddes and ends when I dusted. She looked very sweet, but I diden’t think much of the racket!

  35. Amber Moore says:

    How can i add a picture to the weirdest places for cats???

  36. Priscilla Wyndham says:

    Don’t you just hate that most cats will NOT come when called? I searched high and low, finally went into a complete panic when I could not find my indoor cat. Turned out, all the time I was frantically calling and looking, he was perched on top of one of my kitchen cabinets up on the wall. He seemed perfectly content to watch me and my antics.

    1. Dayna says:

      LOL! @Priscilla! I had my cat do the same thing. Looked high and low for him for an hour and he was sitting on top of my display cabinet sleeping. When I passed for the third time calling him he took his paw and tapped my head as to say “Here I am.” LOL!

  37. Kit says:

    I don’t have a cat myself, but I work at an Assisted Living Facility on 3rd shift and we have a resident whose cat likes to get out at night and wander the upstairs hallway (he leaves his door cracked 99% of the time). Not the most unusual spot to find her, but I found her on a window ledge down the hall, on the other side of the building this morning. At first I thought it was a resident peeking out of their room, but then I got closer and saw it was Jillybean. And speaking of her name, I swear cats outsmart us and get into the most baffling spots and situations just as payback for the strange names their owners give them.

    I also have a neighbor whose cat is a white and black cat named Hance who thinks he’s a dog. He follows our neighbor around EVERYWHERE and even hunts like a dog. We’re pretty sure their son’s beagle mix taught him to hunt while he was still living with them.

  38. D.K. says:

    ok in leg of pants ;)

  39. Lorie says:

    My kitties love to sleep in the sink. I have one that beats on the blinds until you open them. Off the subject, but my orange kitty, Nemo, is very aggressive when I pop the top of a peach yogurt until I share.

  40. Megan says:

    Not so strange, but when I was young my mom’s pregnant kitty liked to lay on top of the warm dryer. It was in the kitchen and she liked to stretch out on her side and I would put my ear on her belly to listen to the kittens move around. We still have her 20 years later and all she does is sleep in her basket that has an animal friendly heating pad in it. She has always liked warm places.

  41. Jan says:

    White cat in bowl is a Turkish Angora, I have 2 just like it. Beautiful cats and super lovable.They also love to squeeze themself into small areas.

  42. Pat says:

    My sweet Maine coon Max, has been a part of the family since kittenhood. He Loves to play “hide and seek”. We have found him closed in closets, and one year he almost got boxed up with the christmas decorations! He recently celebrated his eleventh birthday, and besides his usual favorite food,treats, a joke-we wrapped a large box with birthday wrapping and he happily enjoyed playing in it while we managed to clean out a large closet without his ‘help’! Ha! Ha! Sneaky,sneaky!

  43. Chris says:

    UNDER the ottoman. Yeah – like 1″ space – I watched her crawl ( tummmy-crawl, all four legs out sideways) to get under it. Wish I had had the camera!

  44. Ace says:

    It is SO EASY to KEEP YOUR cats and dogs AWAY from your washer and Dryer!! Use FORESIGHT. And LOOK inside before you throw clothes inside– make sure the WHOLE family knows to do this!! There is NO excuse for any of these innocents to be so brtually injured!!!

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