Fancy Meeting You Here! 13 Photos of Cats In Weird Places


weird-placesIf you haven’t noticed already, I kind of adore cats. They are snobby, they are cuddly and they can bring a big smile to anyone’s face with their cute eyes. They are also insane… yep, the cute creatures never want us humans to figure them out so they like to keep us on their toes.

Cats like to climb when we swear there would be no way they could, they like to crawl into things we are all sure they won’t fit. But there they are … in some super high cupboard or sitting in the most random box — showing us up. They seem to know exactly what they are doing, even though we have no idea what they were thinking.

Click through to see 13 cats caught in places you would never think to find them and no idea why they thought that would be a good idea:

  • Dryer Machine 1 of 13
    Dryer Machine
    I sure hope the kitty jumped out before the laundry went in.
    Photo credit: hosted by Imgur
  • Huh? 2 of 13
    I am not even sure what this kitty is hanging out in, but he looks comfortable.
    Photo credit: hosted by Imgur
  • Glass Bowl 3 of 13
    Glass Bowl
    I swear cats find themselves the most awkward comfortable spots.
    Photo credit: hosted by Imgur
  • Plastic Bag 4 of 13
    Plastic Bag
    He does not look impressed.
    Photo credit: hosted by Imgur
  • Deep In the Snow 5 of 13
    Deep In the Snow
    I hope he remembered his winter boots!
    Photo credit: hosted by Imgur
  • Under the Car 6 of 13
    Under the Car
    "Just let me twist this here. Yep, that should work."
    Photo credit: hosted by Imgur
  • Behind the Blinds 7 of 13
    Behind the Blinds
    When kitty wants to see outside, kitty will make that happen.
    Photo credit: hosted by Imgur
  • Snugged in a Slipper 8 of 13
    Snugged in a Slipper
    Yep, cuteness explosion.
    Photo credit: hosted by Imgur
  • Barbie’s Car Trailer 9 of 13
    Barbie's Car Trailer
    A child's best friend -- a cat's biggest nightmare.
    Photo credit: hosted by Imgur
  • Bathroom Sink 10 of 13
    Bathroom Sink
    I bet that made you smile!
    Photo credit: hosted by Imgur
  • Scaling the Wall 11 of 13
    Scaling the Wall
    Ninja cat waiting to strike!
    Photo credit: hosted by Imgur
  • A Dude’s Pants 12 of 13
    A Dude's Pants
    I don't even want to know what they are doing there, but those kitties are cute!
    Photo credit: hosted by Imgur
  • Exhaust Pipe 13 of 13
    Exhaust Pipe
    They really DO sleep anywhere.
    Photo credit: hosted by Imgur

Where is the weirdest place you’ve found your cat? 

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