2 Cats Try On Halloween Costumes, Proving Not All Cats Totally Hate It [Video]


Cats Try On Halloween Costumes & Prove Not All Cats Totally Hate It [Video]Halloween is almost here and with that I have been searching for ideas to dress my cats up for the occasion.

I will be honest, they hate getting dressed up and always just end up sitting there looking angry and protesting any movement. When I shared some costume ideas for cats I found on Etsy earlier this week, a lot of you shared that it would either take serious injury to yourself on behalf of your cat to get them into a costume or it wasn’t going to happen. Seems to be a thing with cats and that attitude totally fits into this behaviour.

Now, I know some of you want to put a costume on your cat but you may fear that it would end poorly for you since that seems to be the consensus  but I came across a video on YouTube today that shows maybe not all cats totally hate being put in costume.  I mean, they don’t really look too impressed, but the costume is on, I don’t see any evidence of a struggle and they just look oh, so cute!

Click through to see Casey and Sassy try on a handful of costumes and actually sit through it:

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