Caught on Video: Dog's Secret Escape


Caught on Video: Dog's Secret EscapeIf you leave your dog alone at home, you naturally expect for him to be there when you get back, especially when you eave in an enclosed room with the doors locked.

The dog in the video, Bandit, repeatedly escaped from his home when his owner was away. Baffled at how Bandit got out of the kitchen he was kept in, he set up a video to catch him in the action. What he saw amazed him.

The poor pooch suffered from such separation anxiety that he risked his safety to get out of the room he was in to seek out his owner. The owner originally placed him in the kitchen because he would destroy the rest of the house when left alone, including chewing wires, and even attempt to chew his way out of a wire cage. Apparently, the kitchen was the safest and most baby-proofed place in the house.

However, since witnessing the video, Bandy now has roam again of the house.

Watch the video below to see the dog’s secret escape.

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Image: YouTube

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