Charity Raises $27 Million For Animals But Isn't Helping Animals At All


A group calling itself SPCA International, with programs to help dogs in need including a program to rescue dogs in Iraq and bring them to the United States to new homes, has been accused by CNN of being fraudulent.

The founder of the organization, Pierre Barnoti, was fired from being president of the Montreal SPCA due to causing the organization to fall deeply in debt to Quadriga Art, a direct mail house they used for fundraising. SPCA International is also in debt to this same organization.

Also affiliated with SPCA International is Terri Crisp as the organizer of the program Baghdad Pups. This program is purportedly rescuing the “abandoned” military service dogs that are being left behind by the troops. Ms. Crisp is a woman who became infamous for founding the organization Noah’s Wish to help rescue animals after Hurricane Katrina. The State of California was forced to investigate the organization when evidence arose that while money was being raised reportedly over $5 million dollars wasn’t actually being used to help the animals. Eventually a settlement was reached with the state with Noah’s Purse returning over $4 million dollars.

Here’s the report from CNN about SPCA International.

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