Chimpanzees May Have Better Short-Term Memory Than We Do, but I Forget Why That Matters


I am not exactly sure why we needed to know if chimpanzees have better short-term (or “working”) memories than we do, but apparently we did, and they do.  Not only that, the chimps in the study seem to enjoy having their memories tested and do it voluntarily.  Personally, I would like them to follow up the study by working on a program where I can have a chimp walk around with me and remind why I came into a specific room.  Or, remind me I was cooking something before I smelled it burning.

This article summarized the chimps ability to recognize the numbers 1 thru 19 and to remember in what sequence they last saw those numbers and on what part of the computer screen.  But, if you really want to be amazed, check out the video.  These chimpanzees not only have awesome memories, they answer the questions without seeming to have to even think back and “remember.”  That’s how fast they are.  It’s like it’s nothing!

Photo Credit — iStockphoto

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