Colonel Meow Gets A New Castle


You met Colonel Meow earlier this month here at Babble Pets, and it turns out he’s still pissed off. Today he’s angry about having to go shopping for a new castle from which he can lord over all of us, his minions.

A real estate company called Redfin helped him look, apparently. It took them three tries to find the right one.

It was a split-level with four floors and natural elements that added a quiet sense of Zen. There’s no doubt it was better than Boo’s, and it had plenty of space for the Evil Itty Bitty Kitty Committee. Best of all, the spacious master perch was tall enough for Colonel Meow to see all of his minions. When he arrived, Colonel Meow still had a frown on his face, but I thought I caught a little glimmer in his eye. He immediately climbed to the top and I was preparing for the worst but when nothing happened, I knew it was the one. I immediately began writing the offer.

You gotta love an internet cat.

If you can’t get enough of Colonel Meow, you’ll love this new video of him sharing a scotch with his owner.

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