Cute Overload! Fluffy Kitten Confused By Feather Wand (Video)


I love cats and the only thing in this world cuter than cats is (human) babies and kittens!

The mini body contains still all the awesome that is in a full-sized adult cat, but it’s like concentrated making it appear even more awesome. They are curious, they don’t quite get things (you know, all that learning they still have to do) and if you show me a fluffy kitten, I am blasted into cuteness overload.

I came across this video today on YouTube – the mecca of all things kittens (other than Babble Pets) and though this video is from a while ago, I hadn’t seen it. How have I not seen it until today? I don’t know because this gave me an automatic happy lift.

Click through to see the (short) adorable video of a confused fluffy kitten:


Photo credit: screenshot from  video on YouTube


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