Cute Senior Dog Swallows 111 Pennies



Jack, post surgery and on the mend

My mother’s dog will eat anything. It becomes a daily job for her … watching to make sure that Sha Sha does not eat anything dangerous but since my mom has no little kids around and a near immaculate home, there is not a big cause for alarm.

Still, any dog can slurp up a dangerous item in the blink of an eye. Case in point: Jack, the (what else?) Jack Russell Terrier who began throwing up. At thirteen years of age, the senior pooch caused quite a concern and his owner rushed him to BluePearl Veterinary Partners in Manhattan.

A quick x-ray showed that Jack had engaged in a dangerous, yet favorite pastime of many dogs: eating money. Jack had swallowed 111 pennies!

He was immediately put into emergency surgery and the vet painstakingly removed each and every penny.

Jack’s story made me wonder what my dogs actually have in their stomachs. Once in a while, I’ll find Django getting into trouble and chewing on something, like a child’s toy or a tissue (her two favorite items) but she methodically spits each piece out.

What does your dog like to chew on? What is the strangest thing your pup has ever swallowed?

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