Cuteness, Thy Name Is Prince Harry

No, not THAT Prince Harry. This one! Baby pygmy hippo I DIE.

Many years ago (when I was still single) I broke down and ordered a only-available-on-TV video tape that was simply two hours of footage of baby animals. Whenever I got dumped by some idiot, I would watch the video over and over again trying to cheer myself up.

Why do we love baby animals so much? According to this article in Psychology Today, it’s just part of our overall nurturing response.

“Evolutionary psychologists have argued that those mental programs aren’t always too fussy about which species we’re nurturing. You can probably understand why that is. Nurturance is essential to the survival of our species. It’s far better that our care-giving be overextended or triggered by non-humans, than not triggered easily enough.”

Whatever the reason, baby animals make me squeel (including baby humans; I’m crazy about all species when they are babies). So you can imagine how overjoyed I was to find this great blog post about the birth of the adorable baby pygmy hippo at an animal refuge in South Africa. According to the News section of the refuge’s website, Prince Harry had an uneventful birth.

In the early hours of Thursday morning (22 March 2012), we welcomed a new little fresh-faced baby onto the ranch. Hilda and Herbert, our pygmy hippopotamus pair had successfully mated and gifted the ranch with a beautiful 5.1kg healthy baby boy…. named Harry.

Sadly, Harry’s mother has rejected him, but he’s being well raised by the luckiest staff in the world. What a little love!


For more pictures of the adorable Harry, including one of him swimming and, even better, asleep, go here. PREPARE TO DIE FROM CUTENESS!

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