Deer Vs. Lynx: In a Battle Of Kisses!


I can’t get enough of odd animal pairings, and this adorable video of a lynx and a deer greeting each other with kisses can’t be beat. Here’s what it says on the video:

Meet Amira, our white-tailed deer, and Malyshka, our Siberian lynx. Although not raised together, they have visited each other frequently, since Amira runs free on the St. Augustine Wild Reserve grounds in Florida. Every time we take Malyshka out for a walk, this unlikely pair greet each other with loving licks. Of course Malyshka is always on a secure leash just in case, since she does have claws and sharp teeth, and her normal prey in the wild would be a cousin of Amira!

Well, one thing is for sure: Amira and Malyshka are ADORABLE.