Dog Breakdances on Command (Video)


Dog Breakdances on Command (Video)In the world of doggie tricks, this one is pretty phenomenal. Usually, when owners teach their dogs to dance, they encourage the dog to jump up on two feet and either turn around like a Chihuahua, or if it’s a larger dog, grab their feet and spin them on the dance floor like a human.

What this adorable and slick Golden Retriever named Alex does is hard to believe, until you see it for yourself. Alex the dog breakdances! By placing three paws together, he uses the fourth to propel himself into circles (which also brings a pottery wheel to mind!). Perhaps he was a fan of the 80s or the movie Ghost. Either way, this is one talented guy.

Wondering how the owner taught their pup to do that in the first place? Well, they didn’t. It’s something Alex began to do on his own when his owner told him to “dance”. Now that’s one smart puppy!

Image: YouTube

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