Dog Can't Bear To See Baby Cry


Dog Can't Bear To See Baby CryIf you have a dog, you can likely recall a time when you were feeling a little sick or down in the dumps and your beloved pup just knew. Maybe he came over and sat next you, or maybe she laid down and lovingly rested her head on your feet. Our pets know us and they can sense when something is off.

How many times have we heard stories of dogs saving the lives of their humans? In just this year alone, a dog has saved a baby from his abusive babysitter and another dog rescued an abandoned baby in Thailand.

Even dogs who don’t know us all that well demonstrate empathy for their human family. Case in point: This adorable 13-year-old Carolina dog just cannot stand to see the newborn baby in his home crying. When the baby cries, the pup has to cry. It’s sweet and the owner says he is already very protective of his one-month-old baby brother.

Watch as this amazing dog can’t bear to see baby cry.

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