Dog Comforts Her Depressed Owner


Dog Comforts Her Depressed OwnerYou know those days when you’re running late, forget your phone, have hellish meetings, miss lunch, and have a headache? While many call them “Mondays,” most of us can agree that these days, while they are hopefully few and far between, leave us in a state of needing some extra consolation.

I clearly remember the times over the past couple of years when I’d just wish I was home with my lab, Django because she has a unique knack for instantly calming me. I can fully understand why dogs are therapy animals; even dogs that have no training provide relaxation and love.

However, the pup below not only provides a soothing peace, this dog comforts her depressed owner like none I have ever seen before.

She hugs and pats her owner’s head as if to say, “It’s OK” or “Tomorrow will be better”.

Tell me just watching this doesn’t already give you a little twinge of joy. Watch the full video below.

Image: YouTube 

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