Dog Flees Fourth Of July Party In NJ and Heads Home To NYC

Dog Flees Fourth Of July Party In NJ and Heads Home To NYC via Babble
Charlie on the bridge

As most of our dogs are recovering from the July 4th fireworks scares (my dog is still reluctant to go outside two days later!), one New York City canine is recovering from an overnight ordeal that began the night of July 4th and ended the following morning on the George Washington Bridge.

Charlie, a 10-year-old Belgian shepherd accompanied his family from their Upper East Side New York City apartment to their second home in Leonia, New Jersey for a block party. He became so frightened by the fireworks that he pushed his way out of the N.J. home and headed back to his safe place: New York City!

He walked almost three miles and reached the George Washington Bridge (which connects New York and New Jersey) when Port Authority police found him. How he managed to dodge traffic in those three miles without getting hit is nothing short of miraculous. Port Authority officer Kameel Jumar found Charlie on a catwalk “just inches away from the edge of a 212-foot drop.”

Charlie is also thought to have encountered a skunk before he hit the bridge and had a leg injury that need to be stitched up. Charlie was running on the lower portion of the bridge in traffic when he was caught. Luckily, he had identification on his collar and owner Tom Robinson picked him up.

Officer Vincent Ascolese of Bergen County Humane Enforcement commented:

“He wanted to go back to where he felt safe. Dogs can do amazing things. They have determination and they have fortitude. [The family] had only been to Jersey a few times; [Charlie] knew where he was going.”

As we said leading up to July 4th, that is the day when more dogs go missing than any other, so it’s vital to make provisions for them to keep them safe and inside.

Image: NY Post

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