Dog Forgets How to be a Dog After Vet Visit [Video]


dogI haven’t owned a dog since I was a young girl, but I still remember life with a fun pup around. We had a few of them from Dalmatians to Golden Retrievers; I have a fondness for larger dogs.

Like I said though, it’s been a while, but there are some characteristics that are uniquely ‘dog’. Some of them include that wagging tail at nearly all times, the love for outside walks and playing games like fetch or catching a ball.

In this adorable video uploaded by YouTube user cozmcchuck, he makes a short clip of his gorgeous Golden Retriever who just got back from the vet where he was put under general anesthesia  While it’s likely to wear off soon, it hasn’t yet and while he’s still under the influence of some of the effects, he seems to have forgotten how to be a dog.

Photo credit: screenshot cozmcchuck /YouTube

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