Dog Really Wants Her Toy Back and Goes To Great Lengths To Get It (Video)


Dog Really Wants Her Toy Back and Goes To Great Lengths To Get It (Video)My black Lab, Django loves her rawhide bones. She do anything to keep them in her possession. In the rare times when she falls asleep or runs after a cat in the yard, her sister Hayley will grab it. Hayley doesn’t keep it for very long because when Django notices it, she take it right out of Hayley’s mouth.

Other times, she will lose them around the house., often slinking down as low as she can to retrieve it from under a piece of furniture that it has dropped underneath. Just last week, she managed to move the couch almost across the room to get the one small, disheveled piece of bone that had fallen under it.

While Django will do a whole lot to get her missing bones, I don’t think she has quite gone to the lengths that this dog has, but she would certainly might relate to the athletic pup in this video that jumps into a tree to get her toy/bone back. The kids off to the side egg her on and she tries again and again.

Watch the video to see if this persistent pup ever gets her toy back!

Images: YouTube

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