Dog Saves Fellow Pup Out In Water Stranded on Boogie Board (Video)

Dog Saves Fellow Pup Out In Water Stranded on Boogie Board (Video) via Babble
Ronnie to the rescue!

Dogs make this world a better place. That is a comment left on the YouTube video of a black Lab saving a small white dog stranded in the water.

In the video, there is a little white dog, Wesley, on a boogie board in the water. He is not panicking but merely looking back and forth while staying firmly planted on the board.

Wesley is surely a willing participant. Then at the request of his owner, the Lab, Ronnie, swims out to Wesley and pulls him to safety.

It’s a ridiculously and well-executed training sessions, for sure.  I agree with the commenter: dogs just simply do make life better, from their amazing capabilities to their loving natures.

And it looks like Ronnie will be ready if he ever has to save anyone for real.

Watch the video here:

Image: YouTube


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