Dog Sings Vampire Weekend (Video)


Dog Sings Vampire Weekend (Video)Hey, isn’t it fun when you have kids and you can pass along your favorite and songs to them? Well, who says we can’t do the same with our pets?

My dogs have come to know a lot of bands that I play over and over again. From Dave Matthews and REM to Morrissey and Vampire Weekend, I’m willing to bet that Django and Hayley know these songs even if they can’t verbalize it (or anything else).

This dog, however, not only knows the Vampire Weekend song playing in the video below, he howls right along. The dog is Henry Winkler’s son’s dog. Winkler tweeted, “I guess my entire family loves @vampireweekend Here is my son’s puppy singing backup.”

Move over Ezra, this pooch sings “Ya Hey” pretty well, and he’s pretty cute, too. From their new album, Modern Vampires of the City, Vampie Weeks has been winning over lots of fans, and it looks like they may have just captured a new demographic… the canines.

Watch here:

Image: YouTube

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