Dog Surfing: Yep, It's A Thing! (Video)


Dog SurfingThis marks the last official week of summer of 2013. Now it’s time to recall the fond memories of water play and pool parties as we buckle down and head into fall. As our kids pen those ‘what I did this summer’ essays, our dogs are home snoozing reliving the fun afternoon frolics in the sun.

While most of our pups relaxed in the A/C, kiddie pool, or at the beach, the most adventurous pooches headed straight into the ocean to surf.

The pups below aren’t half-bad at surfing. In fact, they seem to stay on the board longer than a lot of people.

Dog surfing is a real thing, and apparently lots of people and pets take part in this summer activity. The dog surf-a-thon was taken in San Diego, California this summer. Look at these pups go!

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Image: YouTube

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