Dog Takes Herself For A Walk On Two Feet! (Video)

 Dog Takes Herself For A Walk On Two Feet! (Video) via Babble
Does this pup think she’s human? Or is she just showing off?

My mother adopted a schnauzer/ poodle mix a few months ago. She quickly became her best friend and I hear all about Sha Sha’s escapades; she is having trouble potty training, likes to chew on shoes, and barks for attention. But one story was so funny, it made me laugh.

It seems that when my mother walks her down her quiet block in New Jersey, Sha Sha will walk on her two back legs at some point for a few steps.

Last week, she managed to walk a whole block on just her two hind legs. My mother wasn’t prodding her to do it; it was simply that Sha Sha took it up by her own free will.

Then I came across this video, which shows a dog doing the exact same thing. I have never had a dog that walked on her own two legs. This dog looks human. It’s a sight to see.

Check out the video here:

Has your dog ever walked on his/her two back legs? Did you teach him/her or did they take it upon themselves to do it?

Image: YouTube


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