Dogs, Kermit and Marbles After Dentist [Video]


Dogs, Kermit and Marbles After Dentist If you’re familiar with YouTube and enjoy funny videos, surely you’ve seen a few of the popular videos that parents take of their kids after the dentist. They’re funny on one level because anyone coming out of anesthesia sounds like they are completely insane, but I can’t help but feel bad for laughing at what surely will be embarrassing later.

Now, I don’t know if dogs can feel the same embarrassment as people can, but there is a video that shows dogs act just as insane after an anesthetized dentist appointment.

The adorable doggy duo, Kermit and Marbles went to the dentist for a tooth cleaning and had a few teeth removed and the effects of the drugs lasted when they got home. There is something funny about a “drug drunk” dog and these two are a giant mixture of totally adorable and kinda funny.

Click through to see the sweet video of the two dogs after the dentist:

Photo credit: screenshot modified from  /YouTube

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