Eager Dog Almost Causes Crash at London 2012 Olympic Cycling Race


I am so happy the Olympics have started for another year and it’s my favorite thing to watch the races and competitions happen. One of the sports that always grabs my attention is cycling. They are incredibly fast and I always wonder how they do it with out managing to get their wheels all tangled up with each other — one of those safety things they have to watch out for

Well, turns out there is another safety caution they need to be weary of — dogs on the track?! When you are deep in the game and your head focused on your breathing and fighting through your leg cramp, the last thing you need is a dog running into your path.

That happened earlier today though on a race at the 2012 Olympics. Thankfully, a crash was avoided and no harm seemed to come from it.

Click through to watch the video of the crash that could have happened:

Photo credit: Raynard Lyudmyla /


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