Exotic Pets: It's Not Going to End Well (Video)


Sure it’s cool when zookeepers go on late night TV and bring exotic animals with them.  They seem so interesting and different and well, exotic.  Most of us are content to just watch on TV or visit zoos or animal shows when we want to see these unique and sometimes cuddly creatures.  Some people though, they think they can handle owning an exotic pet.  Or two.  That’s where the trouble usually begins.There are always stories in the news about exotic pets that have attacked their owners or gotten free and and are now terrorizing the neighborhood.  In particular I have heard reports of komodo dragons eating their owner and chimpanzees suddenly attacking people they have always known and loved.  Allison Eastwood of National Geographic’s “Wild” shares her thoughts on exotic animals being privately owned.  She also tells us what kind of interesting pets she’s always had.


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