Fearless Little Piglet Takes On a Great Dane For Fun (Video)


Fearless Little Piglet Takes On a Great Dane For Fun (Video)There is not a lot in this world that I love more than pigs. Like any other mammal, they are in cute-over-drive when they are just new and that’s totally true for this little piglet.

Friends, meet “Piggy” an adorable piglet (with a non-inventive name) who is the most fearless little guy I’ve ever seen. In this YouTube video, Piggy is seen trying to rouse his friend Brutus, a Great Dane from sleep. He’s effective too and doesn’t back down when Brutus starts to play with him to get Piggy leave him alone.

So as it turns out there is something I love more than pigs and it’s little piglets with big personalities! Click through to watch the adorable Piglet take on the Great Dane:

Photo adapted from screen shot  Smackdaddyj22 /YouTube

Source: YouTube via BuzzFeed


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