Feisty Cat Pummels The Printing Paper


Feisty Cat Pummels Printing PaperSure, you’ve heard of a watch dog, but how about a watch cat?

As the owner of two dogs and three cats, I can safely  say that both cats and dogs do notice when something is a bit off in the house. Both get suspicious when they see objects move or when critters enter who shouldn’t be there.

Of course, a cat won’t bark when  they see an intruder, but if you’re looking to keep an eye on printing paper, which honestly, can be expensive in a growing family, you might want to put your kitty in charge of paper distribution.

The cat in this video has her eye on the printer. In fact, she is keeping a very watchful eye from the window. She gets closer and closer, but once the machine produces a finished product, she quickly gets moving. This spunky cat pummels the printing paper.

Watch the amusing video here:

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Image: YouTube

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