Feisty Cat Screams "NO" To Bath (Video)


Feisty Cat Screams If you have ever tried to bathe your cat, you know that most feline creatures hate getting into water with a passion. In fact, after attempting to cleanse a kitty, you might have been left with your own blood bath …involving your forearms.

We tried once to give out cat, Cloe a bath after she had an unfortunate sticky situation involving spilled soda. She immediately began spitting at us and scratching anything and everything within her reach, including us. It was an experience I won’t soon forget and will never do again.

While most cats do not ever need to be given a bath, there are those certain smelly and filthy situations that call for a watery cleanse.

The cat in this video below is actually pretty tame when it comes to getting violent but she makes it crystal clear that she does NOT want a bath. She screams “no” over and over again.

See for yourself:

Image: YouTube

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