Forget to Feed Your Pet? There's An App For That


I’m not sure why, exactly, I find this slightly hilarious perhaps it’s the hipster dude with the ironic mustache in the video but this is still a pretty nifty gadget.

It’s an automatic pet feeder that works with your smart phone (yes, there’s an app! of course!) so that if you stay out later than planned or you have an emergency or you’re just too lazy to stand up and walk over to the pet food, you can still make sure you feed your Fido. It’s a work in progress (the IndieGoGo fundraising part of the project just ended).

Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be an app for making sure your pet has water, but you can always use my tried and true method: leave the toilet seat up. Because if you are stuck and can’t get home, at least that’s a source of water.

What? Just keep the toilet clean and it’s fine. Heh.

Anyway, check out this product. And enjoy the ironic mustache.

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