Golden Retriever Puppies + Snow = Biggest "Aawwwww" Ever


Golden Retriever Puppies + Snow = Biggest "Aawwwww" EverNobody can resist a puppy. They’re cute, fun, friendly and you can’t help but smile when you see one. Now, put a whole bunch of them together and watch them play in the snow!You will die from the cuteness. This is the perfect video to watch on a cold, dreary, winter day because it will instantly lift your mood. It’s like free therapy. I will warn you though, one of the puppies doesn’t look like the others. The family has dressed her in a red coat and put a hat on her, which really made her stand out. It’s unfortunate, but don’t worry, the regular puppies are nice to her and let her play with them.

Click below and get ready to smile and say “aawwwwww.”

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