Gorgeous Siberian Husky Says "I Love You"

Gorgeous Siberian Husky Says "I Love You"  via Babble
Do you think your dog can say "I love you"?

My black lab, Django, is a bit of a hugger. When I come home, she will greet me with a full-fledged two-shoulder hug and I admit, I love it. I never taught her to do it, she just naturally picked it up (probably because I hug her so much). But there’s something I’d like to teach her to do: talk.

She seems like she wants to. Sometimes, when I talk to her, she’ll give me a whine/growl back. Yesterday, I could have sworn she said “how”.

Of course, there are many dogs who talk, or seem to talk whether they understand what they’re saying or not. I came across a video of Mishka, a Siberian Husky saying “I love you.”

With her gorgeous eyes and adorable face, she really seems to utter the words with a little prodding from her owners.

Does your dog talk? And did you teach them to do it, or were they naturally vocal?

Image: YouTube


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