Greedy Hamster Doesn't Want to Share


greedy hamsterA few days ago, I shared a post filled with happy animals who love each other despite their differences. We saw photos of dogs and cats getting along, bunnies and guinea pigs who appeared to be best friends and even a photo of a dog and a frog who hung out together. Turns out, hamsters are tolerant too, do some degree.

It’s adorable to see different animals get along, especially when they’re not ones that we would assume would get along. I would not assume that a little hamster and a cat could be in the same space together without the cat wanting to eat the hamster or the hamster trying to flee the scene.

In this cute video uploaded to YouTube from user ignoramusky, we see this adorable hamster who is friends with cat, but doesn’t want to share his treat… at all.

Photo credit: screenshot ignoramusky /YouTube

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