Groundhog Chomps On Ice Cream Cone (Video)


Groundhog Chomps On Ice Cream Cone (Video)You really can’t blame him, can you?

I mean just less than two months ago, he predicted an early spring, and yet here we are in New York City with 40 degree temperatures. There is not one tree in my tree-laden neighborhood that has blossomed. I was nearly frozen today waiting for my son to get our of school while the brisk wind whipped my umbrella inside out.

On top of that, it was just three days ago that it was 82 degrees here, and we were sweating going to bed!

So you see, this groundhog has a lot of troubles on his furry shoulders. And since it’s only natural to overeat when stressed, you gotta relate to this lil guy as he busily chomps down in this ice cream cone.

It’s ridiculously cute….so like I said, who can blame him? It kind of makes you want to run out to the nearest ice cream shop, doesn’t it?

Image: YouTube

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