Guiltiest Dogs of 2013 (Video)


Guiltiest Dogs of 2013 (Video)Oh, this is one guilty bunch. They are the tissues munchers, shoes chewers, and yes, even table eaters. They know they did wrong, and frankly, do not care to hear about it. 

If a pet trend could be singled out, capturing dogs in their guiltiest moments was surely a sensation in 2013. While I first began writing about guilty dogs in 2012 (remember Denver, the kitty treat stealer and the adorable German Shepherd, Berlin, who chewed his owner’s sheets?), the parade of guilty dog videos continued in 2013.

It seems that when dogs do something wrong, most of the time they not only know it, but they feel terrible about it. Of course, it might not prevent them from doing it over and over again, but it surely does make a funny video.

Check out this compilation of the guiltiest dogs of 2013!

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