Happy Mothers Day From Ellen, The Animal Kingdom, And Me (Video)


animalmomsEvery year, the week leading up to Mother’s Day, Ellen fills her audience with first time expectant Mothers and showers them with awesome presents that would blow any new parents mind. I should know — back in good ‘ol 2009 I was one of them. Four years later, I still can’t really believe how far in to the first year of parenthood those gifts from Ellen and Co got us. (Especially in nasty old 2009.) I’ll be forever grateful, and I still tune in every year. This year, the show included this awesome montage of Animal Mamas and their offspring. And who doesn’t love a good montage?

So congratulations to all the Moms to be who celebrated their first almost Mother’s Day this year (with or without a leg up from Ellen) and to everyone else, at least you have this video:

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