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Happy National Cat Day, My Fellow Cat Fans!

Happy National Cat Day:: Throwing confetti! ::

Today is a day to celebrate. To realize how awesome life is thanks to one simple pleasure in our lives and give thanks to all they do to lift our spirirts, put things into perspective and make us all want to be better.

Today is National Cat Day! Founded back in 2005 by Animal Welfare Advocate Colleen Paige to serve as a day to bring awareness to the millions of sheltered cats in need of a good home. Celebrated every year on October 29th animal and cat lovers come together to spread the good word of the lovable feline and to advocate for their happiness. Their happiness and welfare makes life better…. trust me.

Like the internet needs a day to celebrate the life of cats! Nonetheless, click through to mark this day with pictures of adorable cats and interesting facts about these lovable creatures.

  • They Like Sleep 1 of 12
    They Like Sleep
    We all know cats love to sleep, but I had no idea they like to sleep an average of 2/3 of their day.
    Source: Random History
    Photo credit: ihasb33r/Flickr
  • A Group Has a Name 2 of 12
    A Group Has a Name
    A group of cats is called a "clowder" which I think is kind of a weird name.
    Source: Random History
    Photo credit: MowT/Flickr
  • Lots of Cats 3 of 12
    Lots of Cats
    In the world there are 40 different breeds of cats and more than 500 million domestic cats in the world.
    Source: Random History
    Photo credit: Hannibal Poenaru/Flickr
  • They Have Great Ears 4 of 12
    They Have Great Ears
    A cat can hear really well -- way better than us humans. They can hear high-frequency sounds up to two octaves higher than a human
    Source: Random History
    Photo credit: vincent.chen/Flickr
  • Cats Bite 5 of 12
    Cats Bite
    There is e a reported 40,000 people who have been bitten by cats in the U.S each year.
    Source: Random History
    Photo credit: malfet_/Flickr
  • A Litter of Kittens 6 of 12
    A Litter of Kittens
    Cats birth in a littler with on average 1-9 kittens per birth.
    Source: Random History
    Photo credit: Stefan Tell/Flickr
  • They Live a Long Time 7 of 12
    They Live a Long Time
    On average cats can live 14 years and some live until they are 20!
    Source: Tips for Cats
    Photo credit: Stefan Tell/Flickr
  • Dude Cats 8 of 12
    Dude Cats
    Male cats are called "toms" which I think is a great reason to name a cat "Tom".
    Source: Tips for Cats
    Photo credit: feverblue/Flickr
  • Lady Cats 9 of 12
    Lady Cats
    They have the perfect name for female cats -- QUEEN.
    Source: Tips for Cats
    Photo credit: hkase/Flickr
  • Fancy Eyes 10 of 12
    Fancy Eyes
    Cats have 3 eyelids on each eye, weird right? The third eyelid is called a "haw".
    Source: Tips for Cats
    Photo credit: INABA Tomoaki/Flickr
  • Fingerprints… Kinda 11 of 12
    Fingerprints... Kinda
    Humans each have an individual finger print that is unique... cat's have noses with individual patterns.
    Source: Tips for Cats
    Photo credit: Mike Lacon/Flickr
  • They Know Their Words 12 of 12
    They Know Their Words
    Cats know about 16 words in cat language... who knew?
    Source: Tips for Cats
    Photo credit: Robert Couse-Baker/Flickr

Photo credit: adapted from ihasb33r/Flickr


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