He Has Alzheimer's, but Things Change When He Sees His Dog


dogI have never considered myself a dog person, but being around them and people who do love them — I can see the magic of a man’s best friend. There are dogs who can smell cancer, dogs who can guide us and make our lives better, and they can help us regain things we thought we lost.

In this video uploaded to YouTube by user Lisa Abeyta, we see her father and his dog interact and it’s total magic. If you didn’t know the back story that this man had lost almost all of his speech due to Alzheimer’s, you would just see a man and his best friend showing affection, but what we’re really seeing is so much more powerful than that.

I’ll take you. And you take me” — and tears. Watch below:

Have you witnessed the amazing power our pets can have on our lives?

Photo credit: screenshot from YouTube
Video source: Lisa Abeyta | YouTube; standard license

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