He May Not Be Impressed, But We're All Smitten With Him [Video]


Meet "Unimpressed Cat" As you know, I have a huge love for cats. Every time I see a kitten I am sure I must adopt it and with every new cat I feel like I have found the new world’s most adorable cat.

However, this time I am truly convinced I have found the most adorable cat on the internet! One of the biggest reasons I adore cats as much as I do is because of their hard-to-impress attitude. I mean, you could be doing the coolest thing ever and the cat probably still won’t care.

Then there is this adorable cat. I would tell you his name, but honestly it’s a lame name for such a cute cat so we will just leave that part out. This little guy has got to be the most unimpressed cat in the whole world (maybe it all stems from his name). In the most recent YouTube clip of him, he is getting his belly rubbed, which normally would make a cat putty in your hands, but not this dude. He doesn’t even care.

Click through to see the totally impressive, unimpressed cat:

Photo credit: modified screen shot  / YouTube


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