Here Comes Shark Week!

Sharks can jump? YIKES. Image from Shark Week's Air Jaws Apocalypse

Okay, okay, so sharks aren’t cute and cuddly and adorable like actual pets.

But we are fascinated by sharks in this country, and are terrified of them too even though shark attacks are incredibly rare compared to the number of us that get into the oceans every year. Although this year there have already been 19 shark attacks (blessedly, no fatalities!) in the United States.

Which is kinda freaking me out since I was thinking of going to the beach on Monday. Thankfully, we don’t see a lot of sharks in New Jersy.


Anyway, just to get you in the mood for Shark Week, the Discovery Channel’s week-long festival of all things shark, I’m sharing one of their top ten shark attack videos. YOU’RE WELCOME.

Meanwhile, stay out of the water. Ahem.

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