Hugh Jackson Tweets Hilarious Photo of His Stuck Dog Dali (Photo)

Hugh Jackman

Dali is an adorable dog, and his owner ain’t too bad looking either.

Dali is a member of Hugh Jackman’s family and is a two year old French Bulldog who travels with the family where ever they go. French Bulldogs are a popular pick for celebrities such as Martha Stewart, David and Victoria Beckham, Jason Schwartzman and Jeremy Renner. But this particular bulldog – he got himself in a quite a unglamorous jam…(check out the photo after the bump).

Hugh Jackman tweeted the following photo with the text, “poor dali got his head stuck!!!! such a pot head!!!! don’t worry there was a hole in the bottom.”

Poor Dali! Hopefully they were able to safely get his head out!

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Images: Via Twitter