Hungry Bulldog Pups Chasing Their Mom Totally Looks Like My House at Dinnertime


In the category of Pets: They’re Just Like Us, today we have a slew of adorable bulldog puppies chasing their mom, Coco.

Coco’s owner, who posted the video on YouTube, simply said, “She didn’t want to feed them.”

Oh, Coco. I feel ya, girl. I have four kids and it totally looks like this in my house at dinnertime, too. Except in my case I’m flinging frozen fish sticks at the kids to keep them at bay. And probably the dad was like, working late or whatever that day.

My oldest are twins, and breastfeeding them was sometimes, um, challenging. So I can only imagine that if you’re expected to nurse ten babies at the same time, by the end of the day you might be all, “OHMYGAH get the hell away from me!”

Maybe somebody needs to get Coco some Lansinoh or something? Or possibly a spa day.

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