I Knew That Meerkats and Cats Were Destined to Be BFF's [Video]


catsI love when I am right and in this instance, I was right again! I had a feeling a long while ago that cats and meerkats could be the best of friends, if only someone took the chance to introduce the two animals.

I came across a video uploaded by YouTube user Georocks22 that shows my theory of the cat and meerkat potentially being best friends to be totally true. This video, taken at  a game ranch in Namibia shows a cat and meerkat laying together peacefully in the sun taking an afternoon nap.

Watch the video below and you’ll see the proof that cats and meerkats could grow to be the best of friends, if only someone thought to put them together — and I am so glad they did because look how happy they are together!

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Photo credit: screenshot Georocks22 /YouTube
Source: YouTube; standard YouTube License

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