I May Have Found the Best Thing on the Internet! 24/7 Live KittenCam (Video)


24/7 Live KittenCamI feel like I need to apologize in advance for bringing you the best thing that may be on the Internet, ever. Be prepared to have your productively slow to a crawl as you become consumed by this over-the-top adorable live camera feed.

Meet “MilkMilk” and her 4 adorable 3-week old kittens. According to ThePetCollective YouTube description, MilkMilk was “taken into a shelter as a pregnant stray and was rescued two days before giving birth”. The kittens were born on August 13, 2012 and have been under the watchful eye of loving professionals — and thanks to their 24/7 feed, us too.

Most of the time I’ve watched they have been sleeping in piles, which is adorable in itself, but I assure you they do move. You can see mama MilkMilk love on her babies and well, it’s just all around adorable. These kittens will be available for adoption once they are older so if you fall in love, keep that in mind.

Click through to watch the best thing on the Internet and be prepared to be very unproductive today:

Photo credit: screen shot  / YouTube


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