If I Fit, I Sit! Kitten Crawls into Hamster Ball... & Just Sits (Video)


There are so many things I just adore about kittens!

They are cute as all can be and their desire to sit in random things — to prove they fit always amuses me. I’ve seen my own cats do this — they prefer to sit in shoes or boxes or decorative baskets. I don’t understand it, never will but since like all cats do it, there must be something about it that makes it so important to them.

I found an adorable video on YouTube of Tom Tom the kitten who sees something that he’s sure he will fit in. He was right and as his kitten friend watches, Tom Tom has the time of his life in this ball meant for hamsters.

Click through to watch the adorable video of Tom Tom stuck in a hamster ball:

Photo credit: screenshot from  on YouTube


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