If You’re Having a Bad Day, This Will Cheer You Up. Kitten Gymnastics! [Video]


If You're Having a Bad Day, This Will Cheer You Up. Kitten Gymnastics! [Video]I miss my cat today and Ming-Ming is walking around looking for Puff. It’s been a strange mood over here since he died and while I can appreciate the grieving process, I am hopeful we will all start to feel better soon.

When I am feeling particularly crappy, the best thing ever is to look at old photos and videos of Puff. It feels good to see his face and gorgeous eyes again and warms my heart  — I’m so glad I have so many pictures of him.

I came across this video today on YouTube that put an extra smile on my face today. Kittens — they’re just so freaking cute and playful and I can still remember when my two cats were that playful and fun. It’s hard to stay in a sad mood after watching this video because it’s just way too adorable.

Check out this video of tiny kittens having the best time ever:

Photo: modified screenshot from budpuppy2 /YouTube
Video source:  budpuppy2/YouTube 

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