Incredibly Cute: Fox Celebrates Anniversary With Bag of Marshmallows (Video)

Incredibly Cute: Fox Celebrates Anniversary With Bag of Marshmallows (Video)  via Babble
Yum… who needs a cake?

Every fall, the kids and I celebrate a very special day. You see, two years ago, we took a trip out to the North Shore Animal League in Long Island, New York, looking for a puppy. Once I saw the big brown eyes of one black Lab mix, I fell in love.

I don’t exaggerate in the least when I say it was love at first sight. We brought home our newest ‘baby’ that day and named her Django. The kids took turns holding her in their laps on the long drive home and it remains a significant memory in our family.

Django was a rescue from a puppy mill in the south and had North Shore not made it a mission to rescue hundreds of puppy mills dogs each year, I can’t even imagine what would have happened to her.

However, not all rescues are domestic pets; countless wild animals are also rescued through the goodness of volunteers and organizations who are willing to help.

A wildlife rehabilitation center rescued this fox and every year on the day that he was rescued, his caretakers celebrate his anniversary by giving him his favorite treat, marshmallows:

This has been his favorite treat since he was a baby. And because marshmallows are almost entirely made out of sugar, he doesn’t get it too often! I gave him the entire bag here, because it’s fun and enriching for him to get excess food that triggers the instinct to hide the rest for later. Watch how he scrambles to stuff a few into his mouth before caching the rest.

Watch him chomp away in this incredibly cute video… and Happy Anniversary little fox!



Image: Facebook


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