Intense Kitten Doesn't Like to Be On Camera [Video]


kittenOne thing I am really enjoying about having a younger cat again is how much they like to play. While Ariel isn’t a kitten, she is as close to one as we’ve had in a long time and she still has a lot of energy. She loves to attack anything we’re playing with and will randomly stalk and chase down anything laying on the floor.

I came across an adorable video uploaded by YouTube user itsudonamor that shows not all kittens like the attention. This one in particular doesn’t want you to be filming and she lets you know with no question.

In the description of the video, itsudonamor shares that their 10 week old kitten named Evie has the habit of play-attacking anything her human friend is holding. In this video we see that Evie doesn’t hold anything back when it comes to her play time and will even take on a cell phone with a camera.

Photo credit: screenshot itsudonamor /YouTube
Source: YouTube; standard YouTube License

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