Is It Fall Yet? 25 Pets in Sweaters Think So! (Photos)


At this point, I am so over summer. It’s time to get back to school, back into a routine, and back into clothes with texture.

And although it’s not quite cool enough for cardigans where I live, I’m definitely looking forward to it. These adorable pets are also clearly excited for sweater weather. Except for maybe that one cat. But other than that, totes excited.

Get psyched for fall with these 25 images of pets in sweaters!

  • Ferrets in Sweaters. 1 of 25
    Ferrets in Sweaters.
    They look so happy!

    (Photo Credit: Funny Animal Site)
  • Penguins in Sweaters: Your argument is invalid. 2 of 25
    Penguins in Sweaters: Your argument is invalid.
    There's actually a good reason for this! When penguins are exposed to oil slicks, they get sick from trying to clean their feathers and ingesting the oil. Sweaters protect them from their own preening.

    (Photo Credit: Steph Stories)
  • Just one suggestion. 3 of 25
    Just one suggestion.
    This image would be significantly improved if it was an Angora rabbit wearing an Angora sweater. Just sayin.'

    (Photo Credit: Brave Athena)
  • I can haz ears back nao? 4 of 25
    I can haz ears back nao?
    Turtlenecks are really the way to go for dachshunds.

    (Photo Credit: Dachshund Sweaters)
  • This. 5 of 25
    That is all.

    (Photo Credit: Desktop Nexus)
  • Kitty Longstocking 6 of 25
    Kitty Longstocking
    Really, why not add braids to that cat hat? I can't think of a single good reason. By the way, can you pass me the Neosporin and the Band-Aids?

    (Photo Credit: Newday15)
  • Those colors really bring out your eyes. 7 of 25
    Those colors really bring out your eyes.
    This Guinea Pig is nice and toasty!

    (Photo Credit: Irene's Internet)
  • Argyle, always a classic. 8 of 25
    Argyle, always a classic.
    What, like he's going to wear some tacky Christmas sweater?

    (Photo Credit: Sodahead)
  • Socks! On his piggy toes! 9 of 25
    Socks! On his piggy toes!
    I didn't think pigs in sweaters could get any cuter, but then this little piggy won the Interwebz by wearing socks.

    (Photo Credit: We Heart It)
  • The cuteness. 10 of 25
    The cuteness.

    (Photo Credit: Pugs in Costume)
  • Yes, this is a real dog. 11 of 25
    Yes, this is a real dog.
    It only looks like a stuffed animal.

    (Photo Credit: Dog Breed Info)
  • I think this is a puppy. 12 of 25
    I think this is a puppy.
    It's either a puppy or a kitten or possibly a chinchilla. In any case, it's cute.

    (Photo Credit: Daily Haha)
  • Eensy-weensy sweater 13 of 25
    Eensy-weensy sweater
    Did you get that at the Webkinz Shop?

    (Photo Credit: So Cute Animals)
  • But my legs are still shivering! 14 of 25
    But my legs are still shivering!
    This dog needs some pants.

    (Photo Credit: You Can Be Funny)
  • Bee’s Knees 15 of 25
    Bee's Knees
    If you're going to make your dog wear a hat and sweater, why not make it even cuter by adding antennae?

    (Photo Credit: Etsy)
  • Hoodie 16 of 25
    The hood on this sweater gives this pooch a bit of elfin magic, doesn't it?

    (Photo Credit: Etsy)
  • The Queen is not impressed. 17 of 25
    The Queen is not impressed.
    Yawn. Another fluffy beaded sweater? I wanted a Kate Spade bag.

    (Photo Credit: Etsy)
  • Sweater dog has dog sweater. 18 of 25
    Sweater dog has dog sweater.
    Note the dog design knitted into this turtleneck sweater. Meta.

    (Photo Credit: Etsy)
  • Cable-Knit Kitty 19 of 25
    Cable-Knit Kitty
    This sweater is suitable for cats or dogs, but is modeled here by a particularly patient kitty.

    (Photo Credit: Etsy)
  • Oh-so-fashionable. 20 of 25
    This hairless cat works the sweater dress.

    (Photo Credit: Etsy)
  • Speechless. 21 of 25
    I don't quite have the words to describe this photo, actually.

    (Photo Credit: Sodahead)
  • What are you lookin’ at? 22 of 25
    What are you lookin' at?
    A trio of hairless cats rock the sweater look.

    (Photo Credit: Two Truths)
  • Upcycled sock. 23 of 25
    Upcycled sock.
    This is really what Dobby does with all the socks.

    (Photo Credit: Regal Advice)
  • Elegance is not for everyone. 24 of 25
    Elegance is not for everyone.
    So painfully true.

    (Photo Credit: The Meta Picture)
  • Chickens in sweaters. 25 of 25
    Chickens in sweaters.
    Because your pet chickens deserve the very best.

    (Photo Credit: Hog Whitman Train Wreck)

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